What Body Language Says About Your Significant Other During Facetime Calls

Many are dating via Facetime or other video apps these days. It's just the way of the world right now. A relationship expert has weighed in on what body language during Facetime calls could say about how your significant other feels about you.

Body language expert Traci Brown says if your partner doesn't prop the phone up, just like lays it on the table, it says they're listening, but also, taking care of other things. If they hold their phone in their hands, it shows they are craving a physical connection.

Closer. If your partner leans in closely, they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. Yay.

Moving Around the Room. If the person you're on the phone with is moving around the room, that's a sign they are nervous or anxious. But, if they are moving around the room to show you part of their life, that's a good thing. It seems like they want to bring you into their life.

The eyes have it. Traci Brown says to notice their smile. Are they smiling with just their mouth or are they bringing their eyes into it. Do the eyes smile? If it's just a mouth smile, it's a polite smile. If the eyes are involved, it's genuine.

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