Nelly Vs. Ludacris Saturday Night On Instagram

I have to admit the musicians are winning this pandemic. I've hardly watched TV. I love music so much and i've found so much to listen to during this pandemic. Artists are getting innovative in using social media to stay connected to their fans. Hip/Hop producers Swizz Beatz (Mr. Alicia Keys) and Timbaland created Verzuz during the pandemic. Verzuz is a battle between two producer, artists, etc.... The idea behind Verzuz is for each artist to "battle" one of their works against the other artist involved. Producers Babyface and Teddy Riley had an audience of 500K on Instagram . They literally broke Instagram with their battle

It's going to be on and poppin' this Saturday night at Nelly and Ludacris "battle." Both are from the same generation, they sent the tone of early 2000s hip/hop. This era was super important to me and I met both of these artists in St. Louis during the 2000s. As I lived in St. Louis for 15 years, I have to pledge my allegiance to Nelly, but Luda had a lot of hits. To check this out for yourself, follow Ludacris and/or Nelly and they will go live with the battle on Saturday night at 6!!! Who do you have on this battle?