Grocery Store Fills Unused Salad Bar Up With Quarantine Staples

Now, this is why I loved living in St. Louis for the fifteen years I lived there, they love their booze. I mean, St. Louis is home of Anheuseur-Busch. Anyway, one of the two big grocery store chains in St. Louis is Dierberg's. As you know, salad bars in any grocery store has been forced to shut down over safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the Dierberg's store managers got the idea to fill the empty salad bar up with necessary quarantine items including mini liquor bottles, mini boxes of cereal and candy! I mean, really, would you have to go to any other aisles after checking this out???

Unfortunately, the reality is, i've outgrown the mini liquor bottles and that wouldn't do it for my Club Quarantine parties. I've advanced to the real liquor aisle. You? :-)