Second Night of Protests in Des Moines Saturday Night

The second night of protests found protesters at the Iowa State Capitol. Around 9pm, a large group gathered at the Des Moines Police Station. The crowd then marched to the Iowa State Capitol. Some in the crowd told KCCI reporters that this was a peaceful protest. Once at the Iowa State Capitol, police appeared to have deployed tear gas at one point.

Representative Ako Abdul Samad is urging parents to figure out where their children are. If they are protesting, he wants parents to pick their children up.

The Des Moines police welcome people to protest, as long as it is peaceful protest. As of 10:57pm, the scene at the Iowa State Capitol finds a row of police in riot gear, a gathering of protesters, and Iowa State Police behind the protesters. The protesters are chanting. At one point, they got on their knees to signal that they were peacefully protesting.

KCCI reports that windows were broken by protesters at the Federal Courthouse this evening.

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