Mikeith's Story

I want to share Mikeith's story. Before I moved to Iowa, I was the Marketing and Promotions Director for our iHeartRadio cluster in St. Louis. From the moment I met Mikeith when interviewing him for a position on our Promotions team, he exuded positivity and fun. When you interview people, sometimes, you just don't know. Mikeith? He was a definite "must hire."

Mikeith would go out to events and promote them with the radio. It didn't matter if it was a grocery store or a concert, people bought what he was selling! His energy is contagious! I never saw him in a bad mood.

Anyway, Mikeith is now a co-host on a morning show in St. Louis. Yesterday on his show, he told his story about dealing with the police as a young Black Man. Here it is.