Don Lemon Responds To Dave Chappelle Mention in New Comedy Special

Prior to the pandemic, I went to see Dave Chappelle's pop up show in Ames at Stephens Auditorium. Dave has been my favorite comedian for the past 16 years, even though for 12 of those years he walked away from Hollywood.

Dave Chappelle did the first ticketed show following the pandemic. He did it for a small outdoor crowd in his state of residence, Ohio. Everyone was safely socially distanced adorned in Dave Chappelle face masks. The special was released on Netflix's You Tube Channel on Friday at midnight. It's called 8:46. This special is probably the least humorous special Dave's ever done, but really, the times we're living in aren't very funny right now. Dave is a captivating speaker, so I didn't mind the lack of laughs. At some points, he's even yelling in anger at the state of the world right now.

At one part of the special, he calls out Don Lemon of CNN for saying that Black Hollywood should speak out about the death of George Floyd. Dave Chappelle made it clear that the streets are doing enough talking for everyone. Don Lemon responded to being called out admitting that Dave is his favorite comedian and agreeing with Dave. However, he did note that doing that special was Dave actually speaking out about George Floyd.

Here are a couple of poignant quotes from the special. . . he ended it with:

"These streets will speak for themselves whether i'm alive or dead. I trust you guys. I love you guys. We'll keep this space open. This is the last straw of civil discourse. After this (expletive) it's rat a tat tat a tat a tat TAT!"

Regarding conservative blogger Candace Owens and her comments that George Floyd is no hero to the black community:

"We didn't choose him. You did. They killed him. That wasn't right. He's the guy. We're not desperate for heroes in the Black Community. Anyone that survives this nightmare is my Goddamned hero."

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