Blaze Pizza Has White Claw Pizza Thursday Only

With less stuff to do this Summer, well, that can mean less opportunity to drink White Claw! The horror! White Claw Hard Seltzer has taken the world by storm in the last couple years.

Today only, Blaze Pizza is taking our love of the Claw to an entirely new level. Blaze pizza has created a special Mango White Claw flavored crust. The suggested toppings for the White Claw pizza is pepperoni or jalapenos.

For a quick review of the pizza, check out our Instagram TV. Follow us on Instagram at 1075KISSFM.

You can only get this today at four Blaze Pizza locations in Des Moines - the location downtown in the 300 building on MLK, at the Valley West Mall Location, in West Des Moines and in Ames. You can't order online or on the app, you have to go in and safely distance yourself from others to order White Claw pizza!!

How is it? Good! However. . . much like White Claw, the flavor isn't overpowering. There is a seltzer-y after taste. The balance of sweet and spicy is pretty darn good, though. Try it!

Here's my quick video review!

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