Last Minute Father's Day Gift Tips

Hello, Team Procrastination!!! Hey, i'm always on your team. I've been reading up on Father's Day gift ideas this year. When it comes to parental gift giving, I never no where to start. My parents are appreciative of any gesture or gift, but still, I always want to get something thoughtful, yet usable.

This year, I heard that number one on the gift for dad list is a gift card!!!! Yes!!! We still have time to take care of this. Also, Dad prefers eating out to a home cooked meal, but he would take that, too. You could do the best of both worlds and have dinner delivered. On Father's Day, you can order dinner through Door Dash and get $15 off.

What not get get dad? Clothing!

If you spend $25 at Denny's for Father's Day, you can add on a free Bacon Bouquet for dad. Use Promo Code BACONBOUQUET with Postmates.

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