St. Louis Attorneys Brandish Weapons At Protesters In Their Neighborhood

Last week, St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson revealed the identities, complete with addresses, of some protesters calling to Defund the Police in St. Louis on a Facebook Live. As a result of her actions, 40,000 people have signed a petition asking for her resignation. On Sunday night, protesters marched through her upscale neighborhood to demand her resignation. She has since apologized for revealing the identities and has taken down the Facebook Live post.

As protesters marched through her gated Central West End neighborhood, two high profile husband and wife attorneys met protesters with weapons. Mark McCloskey was brandishing an assault rifle while his wife Patricia, held a handgun toward protesters. The McCloskeys spoke with local media and said they feared for their lives and property and that the protesters broke down a metal gate to get into the private neighborhood. There is no confirmation on when the gate was broken and how.

Protesters say they were peaceful and did not cause a threat to the McCloskeys who are personal injury attorneys.

Protesters did paint RESIGN in large letters in front of Mayor Krewson's home.

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