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Most Women Use Wrong Hair Brush Techniques

A new study finds that the majority of women are using incorrect technique when it comes to brushing our hair. Most of us know this, too, in fact, four in ten admit to not knowing if they're using the correct hair brush for their hair. The experts say that different hair brushes should be used based on both hair types and style. Hair stylists liken different hair brushes for hair the way make up artists use different brushes for different make up processes.

Here is the list of the ways in which we are getting it wrong when it comes to brushing our hair:

-Avoiding brushing when our hair is wet over fear it will break the hair

-Brushing too hard

-Brushing from the scalp downwards

-Using an old and worn hairbrush

-Using a hairbrush that isn't specifically designed for detangling

-Sharing a hair brush

-Ripping out big knots in our hair

-Not using the right brush for the right hair type

-Using a brush that doesn't have flexible bristles

-Using one brush for everything

A good hair brush can last ten years, but a bad hair brush that gets weak should be tossed as soon as the bristles are breaking. Wet hair brushes are just fine to use on wet hair!

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