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This is How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

It's like the older you get with more responsibilities, the less we want to wash our hair. And if you feel me on this, I know you were paying extra close attention when some hair experts say it's not good to wash your hair often. I just read in Oprah's magazine, something interesting about washing your hair.

In the latest issue of O Magazine, Bridgette Hill of the Paul Labreque Salon and Skincare Spa in New York City created a flow chart of sorts to determine how often you should wash your hair.

If color treated or non color treated with straight to wavy hair you should wash your hair every other day IF:

-you use a lot of hair products (gels, sprays, creams)

Otherwise, you can get away with washing your hair every three days. Washing no more than twice a week will keep your hair clean, but won't disrupt your scalp's natural oils.

If you don't color treat your hair and you have thick curls, you can go once every ten days. Bridgette says to use quick, water only rinses between washes.

If you wear a proactive style, you should spritz your scalp with shampoo every other week.

There you have it!!! Keep on keepin' on!!!

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