Des Moines Had The Worst Air In The Country On July 5th

On the Fourth of July, I made my inaugural trip to Prairie Meadows! So. Much. Fun. Uber isn't running in as great abundance as it was pre-COVID, so I had about 20 minutes to wait to get back to Des Moines. While waiting for my Uber, I was able to check out the great fireworks at Adventureland! On the way back to Des Moines, it was non-stop fireworks!!! It didn't stop until something like 3am! As I looked West toward the downtown skyline, the buildings were hard to see, it was extremely hazy. My friend said it was because of the fireworks smoke. I said, "No way, the fireworks stopped, the smoke would have disappeared by now." We argued over this. Well... I was wrong. I woke up Sunday morning to a tweet from WHO-TV meteorologist Megan Salois who tweeted that Des Moines had the worst air quality in the country on Sunday Morning.