The Psychology Behind Why Some Refuse To Wear Masks

It's an interesting time for sure. Admittedly, I had a friend in town over the weekend and we didn't want to just sit around my one bedroom apartment all weekend. We went out and did things. Crowds were light, perhaps, because of COVID-19, perhaps because it was a holiday weekend. When we went places where masks were required (Prairie Meadows), everyone wore masks and I felt at ease. When we went to other places (like bars) where masks were not required, no one wore a mask. And really... who wants to be the oddball wearing a mask when no one else is?! Peer pressure is real, even when it involved a deadly virus that no one has a firm grasp over. JUST MY OPINION, i'm starting to feel more and more like face mask mandates should be put in place. There is just too much unknown and cases continue to rise.

Here is what the experts say as to why some people refuse to wear face masks...

One doctor says we are in a "fight or flight" situation with this virus and that causes some to lash out and all cool, rational thinking is thrown out the window. He explains this as to why we see those viral videos of angry "Karens" refusing to abide my face mask mandates in certain stores.

Another reason why the experts say some don't adhere to wearing masks is because the messaging behind whether or not they are really helping has been inconsistent. Plus, the politics behind face mask mandates have been all over the place, too.

One other reason is that despite the statistics, some haven't been personally affected by COVID-19 and as such don't feel the need to wear a mask because it hasn't affected them personally yet.

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