Burger King Wants Their Cows to Pass Less Gas To Help Environment

I swear to you I first heard about today's trending topic from CNN!!! Burger King was trending on twitter this afternoon because they announced they are now feeding their cows 100 grams of Lemongrass. Why? They want to reduce methane emissions from their cows. Methane emissions = cow farts. I promise you, CNN is talking about this today! Burger King worked on this plan with actual researchers. Lemongrass helps the cows release less methane during the digestion process. Hmmm... maybe you want to start feeding your boyfriend lemongrass?

Burger King is trying to be free of artificial products by the end of the year. They are, also, hoping that other brands join them in the lemongrass thing. The hope is that if cows everywhere stop emitting so much methane, in the end, it will positively affect climate change.