Waitress Ranks Celebrity Interactions On Tik Tok

Julia Carolan used to work at Nobu in New York City. Nobu is a shi shi sushi restaurant that celebs flock to. She went to Tik Tok to rank celebrities that she came in contact with. She gave them 1 to 10 stars. Cameron Dallas she said pulled a "do you know who I am" to get a table after hours. He received a 4/10 stars. Kylie Jenner tipped $20 on a $500 bill. She got 2/10 stars for that one. She said she wanted to like Hailey Bieber, but said everytime she came in contact with her, Hailey wasn't nice, so she gave her 3.5/10 stars. The only celebrities she ranked 10/10 were Gigi and Bella Hadid. I have heard they are super sweet.

Hailey Bieber responded to the video. She apologized that her behavior was taken as rude or that she had a bad attitude and she's using that feedback to better herself.

Julia said that a part 2 video will be coming soon.

Here is the original Tik Tok video.

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