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Many of Costco's Kirkland Brands Are Brand Names In Disguise

Far too many people have written blogs stating that some of Costco's Kirkland brand products are actually big brand names hiding under the Kirkland branding. For example, Kirkland's Signature Coffee is actually roasted by Starbucks!!!

Those Kirkland batteries you were afraid to buy because you thought they would run out quickly? They are actually made by Duracell and will last a long time.

Buying a big bag of Kirkland dog food is the same as buying the brand name Diamond Pet Foods, but it will save you $10 under the Kirkland branding.

If you have young children, the Kirkland Diapers get rave reviews. There is a rumor that they are made by Kimberly-Clark (makers of Huggies and Pampers) and are just older generation Huggies.

Why spend $20 per pound of Jelly Belly's when you can get Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly's for $6 less per pound?

Even the Kirkland Tuna is just Bumble Bee tuna in disguise.

There's a huge rumor that the Kirkland Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner is really just Pureology (that expensive shampoo that will run you $68 a bottle at Ulta!!)

The rumor that the Kirkland Vodka is really Grey Goose is NOT true. However, the Kirkland Distilled Vodka for just $20 a 1.75L bottle is made using the same equipment at Grey Goose in their old production warehouse. Grey Goose will run you $48 for a 1.75L bottle.

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