This Fall You Will Be Able To Enjoy Steak N' Shake

According to the Des Moines Register, a poll conducted in 2018 found that 8,000 people in our area wants Steak N' Shake. And so it shall be!!! Initial plans for a West Des Moines Steak N' Shake had the store opening last Fall. But. Life happened. Fortunately for us, despite a pandemic and everything else, the plans to bring Steak N' Shake to West Des Moines are a go!

Steak N' Shake will be located at 815 S. 51st Street in West Des Moines and is supposed to open sometime this Fall!!! One of the delays was changing the design plan from a larger restaurant to a smaller store. This new Steak N' Shake will only offer counter service.

Save me a chicken fingers n' fries with honey mustard and a cherry coke, please!