Rare Blue Lobster Found At Red Lobster Restaurant

Like its name says, Red Lobster serves up lobster. A quick thinking employee at a Red Lobster in Ohio noticed a blue lobster in its lobster shipments. Blue lobsters are extremely rare. The employee called the Akron Zoo and they picked up this one in two million find. Only one in every two million lobsters is blue due to a genetic anomaly. The restaurant named the lobster Clawde after the Red Lobster mascot. A special tank at the Akron Zoo has been named "Clawde's Man Cave."

Now, I ask you this? If you worked at Red Lobster and you saw a blue lobster, would you have just served it up to a customer or would you have called the zoo? I'm not so sure I would have realized how rare this is, could have easily been someone's dinner if I were working that day!