Two Thousand Dollar Handbag Criticized For Looking Like A Trash Bag

The Brits are having a field day across the pond with a new $2,200 handbag by Italian designer Bottega Veneta. The black leather bag ties in a knot at the top that slips around your wrist. It resembles a trash bag you would carry with you when picking up your dog's "waste products."

The British paper, The Sun, posted a picture of the bag.

I read the story about the bag before I actually looked at the bag. The purse is cuter than the description, but yes, it definitely resembles a trash bag. A super cute, leather trash bag, nonetheless!

You won't find me spending that money EVER on a purse, but if I had it like that, I probably wouldn't opt for a handbag that resembles a trash bag. I can rock that look for much less.

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