Iowa Officials Are Cracking Down On Bars To Reduce COVID-19 Spread

If you're planning on going out this weekend, be ready to socially distance and wear your face mask (as you always should have been doing). Governor Reynolds announced today that due to surging Coronavirus cases among young people, her administration is going to start cracking down on bars and restaurants to make sure they are complying with social distancing and sanitation of guests.

If a bar is found to not be compliant, they will face a $1000 fine. If they receive a second violation, they will lose their food or alcohol license for 7 days. Upon a third violation, their license will be revoked. Once a license is revoked, you cannot reapply for two years.

Iowa was identified in a White House CDC report earlier this month to be in the RED ZONE, a designation that means cases are on the rise. Digging deeper, they found that 48% of the cases were those 18 to 40. Governor Reynolds attributes the high number of COVID-19 cases among young people to going to bars, having too many people inside homes for gatherings and lake parties.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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