New Study Gives Insight Into How To Have A Successful Relationship

Could this be the secret we've been waiting for all these years? A new study of 11,000 couples for over a year finds the key to having a successful relationship. Researchers found that it's more than the personality traits that make you swipe right or left on a dating app. The key findings are that what makes a relationship successful had more to do with how you FEEL about the relationship than personality traits. They found that successful relationships were based on relationship characteristics of:

  • perceived satisfaction with the commitment level of the relationship
  • satisfaction in the bedroom
  • appreciation
  • conflict
  • perceived partner satisfaction

See, it's not whether or not your partner checks all the boxes that leads to a successful relationship. If you can find someone that you can create a great partnership with, you work well together, that's going to account for more than finding someone who is 6'4" with a Mercedes and dark hair. The study, also, found that individual characteristics can make a person more likely to FEEL better about a relationship. Those characteristics are:

  • Depression
  • Attachment Avoidance
  • Life satisfaction
  • Negative affect
  • Attachment anxiety

So basically, if you're not happy with your life or you are too clingy or too afraid to be attached to someone, you're not going to be good at building a relationship anyway. We still have to deal with those issues before we can get into a relationship with anyone, let alone, a good partnership.

Maybe, we stop swiping right without READING profiles? Maybe we talk a bit more and get an understanding for a person before we go on dates?

Picture: courtesy of Getty Images

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