Kraft Says It's OK to Eat Mac N' Cheese For Breakfast With New Box

The pandemic has changed pretty much everything in our lives. One thing that changed was what and how we eat breakfast. With less people commuting in the morning, restaurants saw a vast decrease in breakfast food. With more people eating at home, not everyone has been eating typical breakfast foods in the morning. For example, ever heard of "cold pizza" for breakfast? Yes. I'm sure more than a little of that has been consumed.

Kraft wants the world to know that it's perfectly fine to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for breakfast! In fact, they are adding the word "breakfast" to their packages. They are even coming out with a limited edition mac n' cheese pack that includes a placement for kids to color as they eat their mac n' cheese for breakfast, a mug and a magnet with breakfast Mac n' Cheese serving suggestions.

Parents have fed their kids Mac N' Cheese for breakfast more times during than pandemic than ever before.