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The Top Things That Make Us Smile

We're doing the darn thing! We're living through a pandemic. Most of us are surviving during a pandemic! If we can make it through 2020 with a smile, we can do anything, right? Let's be real, we've had to take it back to the most simplest ways to find joy. I mean, c'mon, right now, i'm growing a garden INSIDE and everyday when I wake up, I run to water my plants and squeal in girlish delight when I notice that one of my herbs has sprouted. Would I be acting like this - growing a garden if we weren't in a pandemic?? Heck no! LOL.

A British company recently took a survey of the things that are making us smile in 2020. If you need more smiles, I give you the list. . .

Good news

Someone smiling at you

Positive news

Seeing Loved Ones

Making someone smile


Being With Family

Getting a surprise from someone

Watching a baby laugh or smile

A compliment from a stranger

Other things on the list include: waking up to sunshine, listening to music, eating a good meal, watching a good tv program, and on and on.

There is a theme here.... doing for others makes both YOU and THEM happy. Maybe we should try it more? Happy Day!!! You deserve it!

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