Parents In One Illinois City Upset At Remote Learning Dress Code

School officials in Springfield, Illinois caused a stir when they updated their student code of conduct handbook. New for 2020 is a dress code for remote learning? Say what??? The school officials made it clear they don't want students participating in remote learning to wear their pjs to virtual school.

Some parents were upset with comments like, "It shouldn't matter what my child wears as long as they get good grades."

Following the uproar from parents, the school district clarified their comments. The district told a Chicago news station, "Our hope students would approach remote learning as they would in a classroom setting, to the extent given each student's circumstances. It is understood during remote learning our dress code will be flexible." The school district says it doesn't intend on punishing students who don't follow the dress code and will address situations pertaining to dress code that arise individually and with student's family.

Do you think people should improve their wardrobe for remote work and school? (At least pants should be required, maybe?)

Picture courtesy of Getty Images

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