It's Prosecco Day, Enjoy This Drink Recipe

Last night, my apartment building offered up an Italian virtual cooking class! I loved it! Allessandra taught us how to make Vodka Penne Pasta and a Tellini drink. (I think that's what she called it). The drink is basically a Bellini, but slightly different. I tried to google Tellini and nothing came up, so I may have the name wrong. Prior to the class, we were given a list of ingredients we would need for the cocktail and the pasta. I thought I would share the cocktail with you because today is NATIONAL PROSECCO DAY!!!

The Tellini ingredients are:





I found the Agave in the health food (organic) section of Hy-Vee. It's a sugar alternative in liquid form.

First thing you do is coat your glass with the Agave.

Add Ice

Add a shot of vodka

Top with the Prosecco

Add in peaches

I, also, bought peach flavoring (you can find that in the mixers section of Hy-vee) and added that to the drink. You can puree the peaches and add the peach puree in when you add the vodka. You definitely need real peaches for garnishment.