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Motivation Monday: Dealing With Loneliness

One thing that i've noticed during the pandemic is a lot of us have more time than we might want to be "in our feelings." I'm sure, at some point, during this pandemic you may have been prone to overthinking. If that's the case, you certainly aren't alone. A lot of these feelings are coming from a lonely place and, ironically, we're not alone. Self.com got with some experts on how to deal with our loneliness.

First thing, recognize that our loneliness is warping our thinking. When we feel lonely, we are more likely to feel like the world is rejecting us. We have to realize that the negative thoughts creeping in are from the loneliness.

You should plan ahead for your loneliness. If you know that you get lonely on the weekends, make a plan to call someone special on the weekend or plan to do something productive and fulfilling.

Don't overdose on binge watching or a Candy Crush Marathon. While binge watching a great TV show may temporarily keep our minds distracted, it doesn't take the place of a genuine, human connection. We will be left feeling lonely eventually.

Speaking of connection... experts say when you think about someone CALL THEM. Make that connection. It will soothe your lonely soul.

Think of new ways to communicate. How great would you feel receiving a letter or postcard in the mail?? Sometimes when you want to reach out to someone, it's too late or they aren't available, there are other ways to reach out.

Be honest with your feelings and reach out to a loved one. Talking about how you feel will make you feel better. It will lighten the load. And, you'll probably find that your feelings are shared with others.

And most importantly, know that it IS OK TO SEE PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT!!!

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