You Can Now Rent Taylor Swift's Tour Bus

A Nashville tour bus company had to pivot the way they did business because of the pandemic. This company has rented out tour buses for artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. And if you think these ladies would tour the country in a dump on wheels, well, you know that's not the case. Since no one is touring right now, the bus company is letting Joe Public rent the buses for $2,000 a night. Yeah, that sounds super expensive, but you could have a really good time with a bunch of friends and split the cost. The buses come with six bunks and a double bed, bathroom, deluxe sound and video system and full kitchen! It's basically like renting a nice Air BNB on wheels. And you can even rent a driver, too! You don't even have to find your way to Nashville to pick up your tour bus, the bus driver will come from you.

I think it would be cool for a day or two to tour the country like Taylor Swift.