Motivation Monday: How To Break A Bad Habit

Throughout the course of the pandemic, a lot of us have picked up some bad habits. For many of us, the bad habits start and end with too much snacking. For others, it's not getting enough sleep, it's not working out, it's binging too much on Netflix. For many of us, it's all of the above!!!

The experts say in order to break some of these bad pandemic habits, you need to put in a little work.

For starters, replace your bad habit with something else. Maybe you find yourself bored at night and you run to the fridge for comfort, maybe that book you've always said you would read would comfort you in a different and better way.

Experts say a change of scenery can help, too. I know, with a pandemic, our options are kind of limited. If you're over lazily laying on the couch binge watching "Love Island," get up and take a walk around the neighborhood! You'll feel better and you'll break that habit in no time.

The experts, also, say, accountability can help, too. Tell your best friend what you're doing and ask her to check in with you to hold yourself accountable!

Good luck!!! And please know, you aren't alone in any bad habits!!!

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