Monday Motivation About Creating A More Peaceful Pandemic Life

Today's Monday Motivation Minute is for those of us seeking a more peaceful life. Here's the really bad news, a new survey recently found that Americans are feeling more lonely, more unhappy and less optimistic for the future than we have in 50 years! And i'm sure you find this, unfortunately, as no big surprise. Here are some tips from experts about creating a happy, calm and peaceful life. After all, if ever this advice was needed, it's now. And as I type this for you, i'm going to do my best to take this advice. Here goes...

The experts say for one... get creative. Channel your unhappy emotions into your writing, your art. They say creating can really help you express (get out) your emotions and that will lead to a happier well-being.

Another thing to do to be happier is to spend a little time each day focusing on the positive. Think about what is really great in your life. After awhile, your mind will be programmed to start thinking "on the bright side." Just give it a try, however challenging this could be at first.

If you've ever meditated, you know that the premise is reciting a positive mantra. If meditation isn't your thing, try just the mantra part. Focus on a positive phrase all day and see what that does! Try saying "I'm thankful for what I have," "I'm a phenomenal, independent, sassy lady," I'm good enough, i'm smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me!" Try something!

And finally, to be happier, practice mindfulness. Stay in the moment and be aware of how you are feeling. Recognizing and accepting our emotions helps reduce anxiety. It's in the same vane as reaching out to someone to talk to when the going gets rough. It's stress relieving talking about what we're going through.

Bottom line, don't keep everything bottled up, find the outlet that works best for you.


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