Gucci Is Selling Grass Stained Jeans And Overalls

If that Gucci wallet, Gucci belt and Gucci purse aren't doing it, you can get yourself some Gucci jeans or Gucci Overalls. The latest Gucci denim for sale comes complete with grass stains! Yes, true story. Gucci is selling grass stained jeans for $770 a pair!

If overalls are more your thing, you can get the Gucci grass stained overalls for $1400!! The grass stains are probably not actual grass, but Gucci does point out that the denim products are not made with harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Ummm.... maybe your grandfather's worn jeans and overall are in fashion now! If you have $1,000 to spend on denim, maybe you, also, donate to help keep America's farms afloat?