Chicago Woman Gives Birth In The Middle of Completing Bar Exam

Women are absolutely amazing and Brianna Hill of the Chicago area is at the top of the list. Brianna graduated from Loyola University Chicago's School of Law this year. She was supposed to have taken the Illinois State Bar exam in July. Well...then COVID changed that plan. The makegood for the test was October 5th and 6th. The test was done virtually and she had to remain in the camera's view at all times or they would flag her for cheating. On the first day of the test, she started having contractions, but kept on with the test!!! When she was finished with the first day's testing, she went to the hospital and gave birth. The next day was day 2 of the test. The hospital reserved a quiet room down the hall from her hospital room and she took the rest of the test!!!

There is no doubt Brianna Hill will be able to juggle motherhood with anything else that will come her way as a mom!!!