Motivation Monday: How To Overcome Boreout At Work

The pandemic has flipped almost everybody's work situations. Many people are not able to fire at all cylinders right now because staff has been furloughed or because the business is just not there. If you're feeling "boreout" with your job, you aren't alone.

Experts say there are a few things you can do to manage your "boreout" before it takes a toll on your mental health.

First, they say, have an honest chat with your manager. Let them know how you're feeling and give them some ideas on how you can be a little more motivated and encouraged at worki.

Second, find ways to get your "wins" in at work. Big picture projects, in a lot of sense, have been put on the backburner. This doesn't mean you can't still feel accomplishment. Figure out what you can do and make it happen! Find ways to set yourself up for daily wins and accomplishments.

Third, take some time to remember what your big picture career goals are and figure out how to make them happen. It's entirely possible that the pandemic has changed your course, now chart your new course.

Good luck! You can more than do it. You WILL do it!

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