Des Moines Will Celebrate Beggar's Night This Year

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie announced Thursday that Des Moines will celebrate Beggar's Night. Mayor Cownie did make it clear that the "holiday" is to be celebrated while keeping current social distancing guidelines in place. Everyone who partakes is encouraged to wear face masks. Des Moines' Beggar's Night will be celebrated from 6pm to 8pm on October 30th. Beggar's Night was started as a safer alternative to the mischievous Halloween night activities.

Altoona, Ames and Ankeny have already announced that there would be trick or treating in their cities this year. Check with your town's website for guidelines on Beggar's Night and trick or treating in your town.

If you're new in town, like I was a couple of years ago, Beggar's Night goes like this: Kids go door-to-door in costume and when it's time to get the candy, unlike other places in the world, kids in the Des Moines area have to work for the candy by telling a joke. After they tell the joke, they get the candy. Time to get those jokes ready!!!