Pumpkin Spice Products Are More Expensive Than Their Counterpart Products

For some, Fall is not Fall without a healthy dose of pumpkin spice, but it will cost you. Someone did the research and evaluated 40 Pumpkin Spice products from 6 retailers and determined that if a product was pumpkin spice flavored, it cost nearly 9 percent more than the same product NOT pumpkin spice flavored.

The store with the highest average pumpkin spice markup is Trader Joe's at nearly 18 percent and the lowest was found to be Target.

The product with the biggest pumpkin spice markup are pumpkin spice creme cookies from Whole Foods' 360 brand. They were 175% more than their chocolate/vanilla creme counterparts.

The average pumpkin spice drink at Starbucks costs about 16 percent more than its non-pumpkin spice counterpart.

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