The Top 100 Baby Names List Does Not Include Karen in 2020

If you're expecting and trying to come up with a name for your baby, you're probably not thinking Karen. It's not a bad name, but Karens sure have had it rough this year! If you're not aware, the term "Karen" refers to a middle aged woman who has a strong desire to complain to the manager or call the police on anything and is probably a mom to middle school aged children. In general, you wouldn't describe Karen as the "cool mom." I think in the past, you may have referred to her as the "'lunch lady" type.

In any case, people in 2020 are naming their little baby girls Sophia. Sophia tops the baby girl list for the tenth year! For the second year in a row, Liam tops the baby boy name list. Following Liam on the list are: Noah, Jackson, Aiden and Elijah. For the girls: Olivia, Riley, Ava and Emma round out the top five. The name Karen dropped 13 percent on this year's list.