Motivation Monday Minute: Tips From Rebel Wilson's Trainer

Rebel Wilson has dropped some weight and she's worked very hard at it. I refuse to say, "she looks terrific these days" because she looked terrific before. I think praising people for their looks because they've lost weight is counter productive. However, praising people for working hard and achieving a challenging health and fitness goal is definitely cause for celebration! For today's Motivation Monday Minute, her trainer, Jono Catona, shared tips, if you're looking to amp up your health and fitness goals.

He says:

  1. Post your goals on Social Media. If you post your goals, it's holding you publicly accountable to attaining them.
  2. Move for 45 minutes a day. He says re-think how you get around. Do you need to Uber or can you walk? Keep moving!!!
  3. Use the apps. Fitness apps are great for tracking and accountability.
  4. Invest in a Home Gym. Who knows what will happen with COVID?! If you have a place to workout at your fingertips, it takes away from the excuses to get to the gym.
  5. Portion control. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, divide each of those meals in half and eat six smaller meals every few hours.