Try Candy Sticking As a Safe Beggar's Night Activity

Weighing heavily on many parent's minds is "should we or shouldn't we let our kids trick or treat?" I'm sure you've seen things like the candy slide. You can check out You Tube for DIY videos on how to create a candy slide out of pvb pipe.

A Colorado mom found an even easier solution for contactless trick or treating - candy sticking! This is a project you can ge your entire family involved in creating. Buy your big bags of chocolate candy bars and a bunch of popsicle sticks or long sucker sticks from the hobby store. Tape the candy to the popsicle sticks and stick the candy popsicle stick in the ground! You create a candy land in front of your house. Trick or treaters can simply pick their favorite candy from your lawn. This is great for older people who enjoy watching the kids and their costumes. They can sit on the porch and watch the kids retrieve their candy without worrying about close contact.