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Tips To Manage Election Season Stress

2020 hasn't been easy on anyone and here we are at an election of which we still don't have an official outcome. It is so stressful! How do we cope? I could say copious amounts of wine, but instead, i'll leave it to the professionals for their tips.

Doctors say to manage our election season stress we should:\

Exercise - we all know how stress relieving moving our body is and we're lucky, we've got some nice weather right now.

Eat healthy - Don't eat junk. In the long run, it's not going to make us feel better.

Friends - Lean into your social network to vent. Chances are, you have likeminded friends who can empathize with your pain.

Take a Break - Take a break from social media and news media. Election, election, election. If it's stressing you out, remove it from your mind for a bit.

Don't Start and End Your Day With Election coverage - Exactly that. Ease into your day, don't get in a stressful mindset the moment you open your eyes. The same goes for the moment you close your eyes for the day.

Don't marinate in negativity. We're all feeling some type of way right now. You aren't alone.

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