Taylor J.'s Trip To The Bridges Of Madison County

Prior to one month ago, I had never seen the movie the Bridges of Madison County. To be honest, I gave it a try because, well, Iowa. I fully expected to either fall asleep or turn it off out of boredom. I had no idea that 2 hours later, I would be doubled over ugly crying. What a masterpiece of a movie. I knew Meryl Streep would be excellent and she did not disappoint. Immediately following the movie, I knew I must make the pilgrimage to Madison County to relive the film in person. 70 degree weather on November 8th was reason to make the trip down the gravel roads in Winterset to the covered bridges.

I like to lounge on Sunday, so I didn't leave Des Moines until 3-ish. I knew I had to see the Roseman Bridge because that was where everything began. I, also, if time allowed, wanted to see the Holliwell Bridge because that was another pivotal scene in the movie. On my next trip, I will go see Francesca's House, which isn't too far from West Des Moines and journey through Winterset, too.