One Third Of Americans Picked Up A New Hobby In The Pandemic

Well... the good news... if we go back into a lockdown (and it certainly seems like that's where we're headed), there's time to pick up a new hobby, if you haven't already. A new study finds that a third of us picked up a new hobby during the pandemic. Cooking was the most popular new hobby followed by playing video games, hiking, painting/drawing, and meditating. Most people who began a new hobby said that their hobby gave them purpose and taught them something new about themselves.

If you feel like you didn't do enough, just wait....

During the pandemic, I bought a guitar. It sits in the corner. I bought an herb garden and vegetable garden. The plants died. Let's see. I made bread! I drank wine and painted one night. I took a virtual cooking class and learned to make Penne ala Vodka. I decided I would write a screen play. I got the laptop out. I haven't turned it on yet. :-) Good luck!!