Donnie Wahlberg Leaves Huge Tip As Part of Internet Challenge

I'm such a fan of the Wahlbergs! I mean, look at this Wahlberg partnership with Des Moines based Hy-Vee!! What's not to love?! Anyway, Donnie Wahlberg just did something so cool. Have you heard about the #2020TipChallenge? It's not realistic for most of us, but for a Wahlberg, it can be a thing. The challenge is to leave a $2,020 tip! One of the hardest hit industries from the pandemic is Food Service.

Donnie was dining out at a restaurant in his native Massachusetts. His bill was $37.20. He left a $2,020 tip on that bill!!! Obviously, the waitress was shocked. When the restaurant asked him about it, he said, "Who's next?!" Amazing. Happy National Kindness Day!