Monday Motivation: Happiness Tips

I legitimately worry about all of us. This year has been a doozy, but we fought through it and, well, deserve to feel like we're coming out the other side. But. We still may have to fight a little harder to get through. Daylight is shorter, temperatures are cooler, and the holidays may not offer us the break we deserve this year. Keep fighting and keep checking in on your loved ones. For today's Monday Motivation, here are tips from the experts on how to feel happier every day.

  1. PRACTICE THAT ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. It truly works when you change your mindset. There is so much that hasn't been fair in 2020. We can dwell on the negative things all day, but that won't make you happy. If you focus om what you do have, your focus will be much more positive. Exchange your bitter heart for a grateful heart.
  2. MAKE TIME TO UNWIND. What is that one thing you do everyday to relieve stress? Is it watching an episode of a tv show on Netflix? Reading? Playing a game on your phone? Make sure you do make time to do it!
  3. WRITE IN A JOURNAL. No doubt 2020 has provided you with a tornado of feelings. Don't hold them in, get them out. On paper. Sometimes you can gain clarity through writing.
  4. CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This year has been super isolating, reach out. Chances are your bff is feeling just as isolated as you are. Good conversation is soooo good for the soul.
  5. SAVOR THE GOOD TIMES. The good times are not as frequent as in other years, when you're having a good moment, truly savor, appreciate and enjoy.
  6. BE KIND. Practice kindness. Do something nice for others and relish in how good you will feel.