Teen Who Met Woman Through Accidental Thanksgiving Text Will Dine With Her

Remember the story that went viral 4 years ago of the woman who thought she was texting her own grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving Dinner, but was really texting another person? The person Wanda Dench was really texting was Jamal Hinton. He asked if he could come for dinner anyway and she texted back that of course he could... that's what grandmothers do, they feed everyone. And he showed up. He was 17 at the time. And he kept coming back. This year will be his fifth Thanksgiving with Wanda, but it's a little different this year. Wanda lost her husband, Lonnie, of 43 years to COVID-19 back in April. Jamal and his girlfriend recently offered support to Wanda with a socially distant dinner together.

In order to have Thanksgiving together this year, they have been quarantining for the past 14 days.