Relationship Thursday: Getting Over a Pandemic Breakup

Breakups are rough in any stage of life, including in a pandemic. For today's "Relationship Thursday," we investigate how to deal with a breakup during a lockdown. Amy Chan wrote a book called Breakup Bootcamp and she has some tips...

For one....

Like with any breakup, DON'T GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA. You're just asking for trouble if you continue to see what your ex-love is up to. Never a good idea!

Cleanse Your Place of your ex. During a pandemic, you probably spent more time inside at home with your ex-partner than you would at any other time in life. There are probably a ton of reminders, like even HOW you set up your living room. Re-arrange your furniture, put some new pictures on your walls, change your scenery for less reminders. Obvi, throw out the old photos, his sweater and throw his toothbrush in the garbage.

Date again... even if you have to Zoom. Amy Chan recommends dating 10 different people, as in different than you normally would date. Try everyone out, even if you have to do this virtually. Date someone 10 years older or/and 10 years younger, do it! Get out there! Don't wallow. Good luck.

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