Life Hack Wednesday: Best Place To Get Kitchen Supplies

It's a pandemic, so if you're like me, your pots and pans are getting more of a workout than usual. In fact, I looked at how old mine are and decided that Santa Claus (or me) need to get me new pots and pans for Christmas!!! Here's a life hack for you! You could shop for your new kitchenware at a high end department store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, order online from Crate & Barrel (Oh you fancy?), or from countless other places. Life hack! Buy your kitchen supplies (silverware, glasses, baking pans, pots, etc...) from a kitchen supply store! It's what they do! You'll find that the kitchenware is less expensive and it's all made to last because, the pieces are made for RESTAURANTS! Restaurants, obviously, utilize their kitchenware way more than we could ever use them.

Happy shopping!