Motivation Monday Minute: Take A Break This Holiday Season

It's been such a weird year. We don't commute to work, kids wear pjs to school. This is around the time of the year when we all kind of slow it down, hang with family and friends and get much needed relaxation. Some of us travel to see family. But in 2020, we're not supposed to travel. If you're thinking, "why bother" when it comes to taking time off work this year, the experts say, "think again."

Experts say, in our day to day work lives, we, often, get caught up in the details. We are so busy responding back to emails and getting the day-to-day stuff done that we forget the big picture. We never get to the stuff that matters, that moves the needle, that fulfills us. If you take some time off, you're better able to see the big picture and get motivated to get to the stuff that matters.

Also, it never hurts to SHOW your co-workers how much you matter with your absence.

Bottom line. If you have vacation days, take them. You'll be better for it and, most likely, so will your company.

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