Seven Year Old Inspires Toy Company To Manufacture Female Toy Soldiers

It's a new week, we're turning a corner in the fight against COVID-19, let's keep the inspiration going. Look no further than 7 year old Vivian Lord of Arkansas. She was playing with those little plastic green toy soldiers and noticed that none of the toy soldiers were female! She was inspired to write a letter to several toy manufacturers asking them to make female toy soldiers. The letter found its way to the President of BMC Toys, Jeff Imel. He had been thinking of creating female toy soldiers, but wasn't sure if there was demand. Vivian's letter arrived at the right time, he got the ball rolling. Earlier this month, Vivian received two bags of female green toy soldiers!

As her mom told Good Morning America, "I think this is a great example of listening to kids because they see things we don't see." Way to go, Vivian!!!!!