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Gift Idea That Encourages Shopping In Your Favorite Des Moines Shops

We're getting down to the wire when it comes to holiday gift shopping. While we've learned to embrace simplicity, maybe we're even more excited to gift give this year because of the appreciation that grew for those that we've been so separated from this year. It's easy to do a Secret Santa gift exchange where the recipient includes a list of things they want for Christmas. I've always enjoy gift giving much more when the gift is a thoughtful, unique gift that was chosen because they make the me think of the recipient. In 2020, as we've watched our small businesses struggle due to COVID-19 restrictions, I think it's super important to support our local businesses any way that we can.

I love the concept of Oprah's Favorite things. We can all do this, too. Create YOUR favorite things featuring local businesses. The gifts will be thoughtful, even better, if you can choose some items that benefit community, too. There are many gift shops that sell fair trade gifts.

Here's an idea based on East Village, a place that I love to shop:

-Comfortable, cotton t-shirt from Fontenelle Supply Company (for lounging)

-Ruth Bader Ginsberg Ornament from Raygun (Because your recipient encourages feminism)

-$10 in tokens for Up Down (Because we all have to be a kid every once and awhile and play video games)

-Handmade necklace from Domestica (support local and look pretty)

-Unique antique decor from Porch Light Antiques (Sooooo Iowa farmhouse!)

-Gift certificate for pampering from Salon Spa W (Duh - pampering)

These thoughtful gifts that will offer fun, pampering and more well into the New Year will run about $100.

What does your ideal "Favorite Things" gift basket from your favorite Iowa neighborhood look like?

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