Relationship Thursday: Tips To Help You and Your Boo Live Together

If 2020 was the first year that you and your significant other lived together... and you're still together.... you are a relationship success story!!! And if you're thinking of taking your relationship to the next level and moving in together in 2021, the experts who have been successful at co-habitation have some tips for you.

  • Look for a place that's as large as you can afford. The thought of the two of you living on love in a studio apartment is kind of romantic, but the reality is that it may not really be that romantic. If the bathroom is the only place you can get some "me" time, it might not be great for the relationship. Space is good... always.
  • It's the little things. Successful couples will tell you that when they think of their significant other, they think of all the tiny, kind things they do for each other that matter most. Your guy may not be gassing up the private jet and sweeping you off to the Caribbean, but he might bring you your favorite coffee drink every Saturday morning. He might make sure your oil changes are taken care of. He might leave you a love note every now and again on the kitchen counter. These are the things that matter. Do them. Be grateful for them.
  • Embrace Separate Take out Orders. There may be nights when he wants Tasty Tacos for dinner and you want Pho Real. Let him order Tasty Tacos on Grub Hub. You can order Pho Real from Door Dash. As long as you eat together, that's what matters.
  • Good luck!!!!