Monday Motivation Minute: Use Your Winter Break To Get Ahead On 2021 Goals

While its true you would be advised to take some rest and relaxation over the next two weeks. You can, also, spend part of your time off getting your 2021 goals in order in some simple ways.

The website offers some great tips!

  • Get a Goal Setting Notebook: Do you write down your goals? Time and time again, experts have always yelled to us, "You won't accomplish your goals unless you WRITE THEM DOWN!" Write those goals down for accountability and writing your way through them will help you figure out HOW to accomplish the goals and WHY you want to accomplish these specific goals.
  • Re-Organize Your Calendar: Make sure you schedule in time FOR YOU. Include time each week in the new year to get to the tasks that you keep putting off.
  • Spend Time With People Who Inspire You. As most of us have extra time off these last couple weeks of the year, those people you look up to may have extra time to spend with you. It's a weird year, so you may need to connect over ZOOM, but try to schedule some time with those that motivate you and inspire you. They will help set the tone to dive into a year where you will see much growth!

Good luck!!!!!!

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